Giant Slides

Sabertooth Tiger Slide  

 Playworld Fun Rentals will continue to excite customers with this fantastic looking slide .

     This 27 foot high Sabertooth Tiger Slide is our largest inflatable slide and the largest inflatable slide in Manitoba .

Saber tooth Tiger Slide is $995.00 +gst for 3 hours.$300.00 for each additional hour.$1990.00 for the day(8hrs). 25ft by 45ft and 27ft high .


DL Obstacle / Slide Combo

Designed to give the most that slides and obstacles can provide in the least amount of space, the Designer Line Millennium Slide Combo is sure to delight! Great visibility for the operator and parents, and loads of fun for the kids! Set up this unit with any of Playworld's inflatables and it's sure to keep kids entertained for hours!

D L Millennium Slide Obstacle combo is $750.00 + gst for 3 hours. $250.00 for each additional hour . $1500.00 for the day(8hrs). 28ft by 23ft and 19ft high.

Fire Engine Slide

Our fabulous Fire Engine slide.Great for events and may also fit into larger yards for birthdays , picnics, reunions and many other get togethers. Our Fire Engine slide is 20 feet high 28 feet long .

Always a children pleaser.

Fire Engine Slide $450.00 +gst for 3 hours.$150.00 for each additional hour rented. $900.00 for the day(8hrs).  28ft by 18ft and 20ft high.

Delivery, Set up, and pick up of rental items are included in the prices for the Winnipeg , Mb area.

Generators $75.00 ( Generators are only needed if power is not available ) , each attendant is $20 per hour, and mileage outside of Winnipeg , Mb is an extra cost ( if needed). Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Book soon! Availability will be determined for exact dates and times.

Visa and MasterCard payment are accepted by Playworld Fun Rentals .

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